Honoring All Who Served and The Many Advantages of VA Loans

Honoring All Who Served and The Many Advantages of VA Loans

Thank you, dear veterans, for your valor, strength, service, and dedication to protect us and keep us safe.

Veterans sacrifice a lot to protect the country. And one way to show appreciation to them and their families is to make sure they know about the mortgage loan that’s available to them: the Veterans Affairs loans by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here are the top four advantages of VA loans:

No down payment – This is the biggest advantage of the loan program. Qualified veterans can purchase a home without making a down payment, no matter how much home they’re buying.

Don’t require private mortgage insurance (PMI) – Unlike other loans that require 20 percent PMI, VA loans do not, allowing military borrowers to save on their monthly mortgage payments.

Limits on closing costs and fees – VA loans actually limit the loan-related costs qualified home buyers can be charged, making home ownership more affordable.

A lifetime benefit – There’s no expiration to this program, and veterans who qualify for a VA loan can use it over and over again.

Bottom line

VA loans are one of the most powerful mortgage options available on the market for veterans, service members, and qualified surviving spouses, which is why it’s so essential to learn about this program and its advantages. 

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