Finding The One: 4 Ways House-Hunting is Like Dating

It’s love at first sight. The one that made your heart skip a beat. Maybe it was the charmer, the one needing a little bit of work, or even the one that got away.  No, we are not talking about a love match. We are talking about the house hunting journey. Finding your perfect dream […]

Here’s How to Deal with Things Sellers Leave Behind in Your New Home

Once you’ve closed the deal and got the keys to your new home, the next exciting part is bringing your belongings with you so you can finally settle in. But rather than finding your new place in a spic and span state and enjoying the fresh start, you stumble across items that the sellers left […]

Home Sellers: How Long Do You Have to Respond to an Offer?

In theory, there’s no rule about how quickly a seller has to respond to purchase offers. You can take as long as you want before responding since there is no official time frame. However, the industry standard is to get back to interested buyers within 24 to 72 hours. This is a common courtesy observed […]

Thrifty Ways To Furnish Your New Home For Less

You’ve bought your first home—congratulations! It’s a huge milestone you finally accomplished after what could be years of saving up for the down payment. However, once you’ve moved into your new home, that’s when it hits you. Your house now requires far more furniture than the tiny apartment you rented. And the furniture is expensive.  […]

What’s Ahead in Real Estate? 5 Trends and Features To Watch Out For in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic turned the real estate market into a frenzied rollercoaster ride for both buyers and sellers. Especially because of the historically low mortgage rates coupled with the inventory shortage.  But with the pandemic subsiding, the burning question is, what will happen in real estate in 2022? Housing experts forecast the market could calm […]

Expert Questions to Ask When House-Hunting with Pets in Mind

Just how much do we love our pets? Several surveys showed how much pets are affecting the homebuying process. Pets influence many buyers on the types of homes and neighborhoods they search for, becoming the biggest reason their favorite humans decide to become homeowners. A 2021 survey of 1,600 homeowners who are also pet […]

5 Risky Moves Homeowners Usually Make When Selling Their House

Selling a home is a serious venture for any homeowner. The process could be both time-consuming and emotionally challenging, more so if you’ve never done it before. You’d get anxious just thinking about all the steps it takes to list and sell your home. Or be overwhelmed by the fact that you have to remove […]

Your Top 5 Priorities If You Want To Buy Your First Home in 2022

If you’re looking to make buying your first home your biggest goal this year, it’s crucial that you lay the groundwork as early as you can. And it’s important, especially in today’s competitive housing market. Fortunately, there are some pretty simple but huge steps you can take to get into the home-buying game on a […]